Why Benchmarcs?

There was no easy way to track call volumes for you or your competitors, until now


to track call volume, you gathered data by reading newspapers and browsing websites.


you can track call volume by simply clicking a button on your phone or computer. Benchmarcs does it for you!

With Benchmarcs, you can...

Save Time and Money

Benchmarcs provides you with call information for your funeral home and any funeral home you wish to track.

Instead of paying someone or investing your own time to manually search all of your competitor’s websites, let Benchmarcs do all of the heavy lifting for you.

Monitor Data Daily

Benchmarcs Screenshot - Market Share Pie Chart

Benchmarcs updates every single day so that you don't have to wait to know what's going on in your market.

Access Data from Any Device

Photo of Benchmarcs on Different Devices

Benchmarcs ensures your data is always with you. You can access it from all of your devices.

You no longer need to call the office for an update on how you're doing - you can see right from your phone.

Sign-up today and get data for the previous 30 days for your funeral home and any funeral home you want to track…absolutely FREE.